Our goal is to help you make passive 24/7 income online, some of which you earn while you are asleep.

The only way you will really make money is by earning it without trading your time for dollars. Develop products and systems that can work in your absence. Every minute of the day, every day of the year. Put the effort in at the start (yes it does take some work) to reap the benefits in the future.

Use the S.O.S. – Systems, Outsourcing and Software to do the grunt work. You supply the vision and a few key strategic concepts and let other people and machines make it happen.

Our goal is simple yet profound:

Be The Director Of Your Business, not a slave to it.

Bill Bonner, Head of Agora Publishing, put it perfectly in
a recent article:

“Are you a Free Man or woman? Or a Serf?”

The unfortunate truth is it all depends on how much money
you have.

I am going to quote more from Bill’s article, (Bill is
always worth reading – and his a hugely successful
entrepreneur in his own right.)

“One of the rarely cited advantages of having money is that
you are less beholden to others that have it. The more you
have, at least in theory, the more you can ignore the
other fellow with it, and go about your business. In short,
with an little cash of your own, you can do what you want.”

One of the main problems with lack of money, or capital,
is that you “serve at the pleasure of others. If you give
them displeasure, they can cut off your income.

Capital is different – if you have enough of it you don’t
have to work for anyone. You can go fishing, pick your
teeth and maintain unpatriotic opinions. Capital frees
you from politics too.”

Bonner goes on to put this concept in fantastic layman’s
terms “if you want to be free you have to have your hands
on the means of production.  Otherwise, you’ve got to learn
to bend.”

And that my friend is what I want to help you achieve. The
means of production, in this case probably some digital
assets that can generate you some money – ideally passively
– so you do not have to be present every day to earn the
capital that will set you free.

Don’t get me wrong there is some work involved – especially
at the beginning to set it all up but with the systems and
processes and people you put in place to run your business
then you can have a passive capital producing machine
working for you 24/7 – and knowing it is happening when
you are sleeping is the best feeling of all.

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